engineering & design


Our engineering services bring your ideas from imagination to manufacturable products.


CUG, along with our Engineering partner, develop innovative solutions for product demands through the contribution of a top-notch mechanical engineering design professionals. Whether you require turnkey product development or input at a critical stage of the design process, CUG provides the mechanical engineering services that enable you to realize innovation.

We can help you leverage precision engineering and cost-effectively take products from conceptualization through production. Our knowledgeable engineering professionals draw from their substantial experience and utilize the industry’s top engineering tools, and aesthetics.


CUG’s broad experience means that your products will be engineered to comply with all applicable industry standards and regulations by validating mechanical designs, optimizing design performance, and prototyping critical components, we can work with you to deliver superior products.

Manufacturing the best products also demands effective production planning, fabrication, and assembly. CUG provides all of these services, including documentation and bill of materials (BOM) production, tool and manufacturing sourcing, design and manufacturability (DFM) and sustainability assessments, vendor qualification and capability studies, and inspection and quality assurance services.

  • We bring you:
  1. 1) Detailed technical specifications/ product requirements
  2. 2) Rapid prototyping
  3. 3) Manufacturability/ sustainability assessments
  4. 4) Pre-production, fabrication, and manufacturing support
  5. 5) Product assembly instructions/ documentation
  6. 6) Testing and quality standards

Wing Jig

CUG uses the latest version of SOLIDWORKS. solidworks

A powerful 3D CAD design capabilities power SOLIDWORKS intuitive product development solutions. Quickly create, validate, communicate, and manage the product development process. Get your products to market faster, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality and reliability for product applications across a wide range of industries.


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