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Under general supervision, with some detailed instruction and intermittent review, and working in a loud manufacturing environment with at variety of epoxy agents, this position performs repetitive or standard procedures and assists in the fabrication, curing, build-up and assembly of various types of composites materials, including Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, E-Glass and Fiberglass. Works to blueprints, templates, sample parts and process sheets or other authorized infomration while maintaining a high degree of quality, team work and professionalism.



  • 1) Assist in the preparation of Molds and Forms.
  • 2) Mark and cut tape, woven material, honeycomb, adhesive and similar materials following templates, guides or specific dimensions and sequences.
  • 3) Check expriation dates of materials prior to use and record on work orders or travelers.
  • 4) Lay-up composite materials fit and smooth successive layers of materials as necessary to secure build-ups free from wrinkles, air pockets and voids, following directions and instructions.
  • 5) Vacuum bag parts for oven cure insuring vacuum integrity.
  • 6) Assist in the development of shop aids to facilitate fabrication, core cutting, trimming and assembly as required.
  • 7) May monitor and verify quality in accordances with statistical process or other control procedures.
  • 8) Maintains records as required. Support quality process by maintaining work area in a clean and orderly condition by returning tools, equipment and materials to storage area.
  • 9) Responsible for observing all laws, regulations and other applicable obligations where ever and whenever business is conducted on behalf of the company.
  • 10) Expected to work in a safe manner in accordance with established operating procedures and practices.
  • Other duties as assigned and/or required.
  • 1) High School Deploma or equivalent.
  • 2) Must have basic computer skills.
  • 3) Work with other people in cooperation ans as a good team member.
  • 4) Experience preferred with composite materials and processes.
  • 5) Ability to work in a composite manufacturing environment.
  • 6) Capable of lifting at least 50lbs when needed.
  • 7) Capable of standing, bending or kneeling as needed to support the composite work.


This is an open and immediate opportunity. If you feel you are qualified, please contact CUG HR at: 503-543-7031