Tooling & pattern making

CUG is a northwest leader in precision 5-axis cnc machined patterns.

COMPOSITES UNIVERSAL GROUP, fabricates Carbon Fiber Tooling, Fiberglass and EGlass Patterns, Foam modeling, Aerospace models, Prototypes and pattern making projects as well as offering innovative product development services. We provide you with the know-how and quality workmanship gained through over 20 years of experience combined with the accuracy and speed of the latest CAD/CAM and SolidWorks Technologies.

CUG specializes in a variety of applications including Carbon Fiber, EGlass and Fiberglass part Masters, composite part Tooling, foundry patterns, custom mandrels and RTM Tooling Masters.

We CNC machine your pattern from any material you prefer. Typical materials include MDF, Model Board, 30lb CNC Modeling Foam, Light-Weight Foam and Wood. We can also recommend the best media based on your project's size, specified tolerances and required finish. Our mission is to make your project a success!

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Types of tooling



RTM Tooling Maters or Mater Patterns, Epoxy / Polyeurethane tooling boards are the usual medium to manufacture models, masters and patterns. However wood and M.D.F. for tight budget options can also be manufactured.



Composite molds can be made from many materials, the most common are Carbon Fiber or Glass with High-Temp foam core and finished in a Gel Coat, either for oven applications of for Room-Temp fabrication.



Various types of materials are available, with the most common is the 30lb Tooling Foam as the material of choice. MDF is available and is the most economical depending upon application.